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“Took me a little time to learn how to use it but glad I did. This thing prevented what could have been a huge mess in my vacation home when the toilet supply leaked. My alarm company notified me and my caretaker who was able to clean it up with a mop. Thanks!”

“As a homeowner, I found Water Security Solutions staff to be very helpful and extremely knowledgeable when consulting with me to install an automatic water shutoff system after my hot water heater burst. I only wish I had known about their service and water security systems before my water damage occurred.”

“I installed this system in our large house and overall have found the components to all work as advertised. No complaints at all. All components worked the first time, every time. Often with RF controlled home devices you have issues or inconsistent operation. Not so here. Overall, I give this system 5 stars because it works so well.”

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