Dealers & Installers

Are you interested in installing water security systems?  We consult with homeowners from all over the country and many of them need to know who they can hire locally to come to their house to help us evaluate their plumbing and appliances for compatible water security devices and then perform the installation.

We currently maintain a database of cooperative and professional installers around the country and we are happy to consider adding more. Whether you have installed any or not, we can cooperate with you to help our mutual clients get a system installed correctly in their house that offers them the best protection possible while accommodating their budget, lifestyle and any insurance company requirements.  No one system is right for every client and we can help you and the client choose one they will be happy with that will work properly so you don’t get callbacks.  We also offer contractor or plumber pricing.  You can call us at (888) 356-5644, email us or simply use our Contact Us form.