Water Security Solutions is a unique remote consulting firm that offers programs to assists our clients in system selection and custom integration.  Our staff works with water damage mitigation solutions and homeowners or thier plumbers and contractors, as an integral part of comprehensive property risk management.  We have tested or worked with most of the products on the market and are constantly scouting for new technology.  As such, we have gained unrivaled multi-system knowledge and have cherry picked the best systems we have encountered for our distribution based on quality, versatility, time in the field and user feedback.

As effective as this technology is in preventing and minimizing water damage, our experience in the industry has taught us that these systems can only fulfill their potential if the installers and end users are comfortable with their features and function and have a system that is compatible with their plumbing, lifestyle and preferences.

Choosing a system that is well suited to the property and the user’s lifestyle and budget is crucial for success. For this reason, we offer access to all the premium systems as well as guidance to the one that is right for you.

  • We work with insurance carriers to identify common causes of water damage and solutions for prevention.
  • We work with manufacturers to address market needs and evolve their products.
  • We work with plumbers, electricians, builders and alarm companies to customize installations.
  • We work with homeowners and property managers to help them choose and install the system that best fits their needs.

We continually scout the market for new water security alarms that meet our standards and are willing to integrate them into our consulting clients’ installation projects when appropriate.

Our goals of property protection and environmental protection are addressed both in the products we support and the way we conduct business. This harmony of waste water prevention, water damage mitigation and green business practices supports our philosophy of keeping water in its place.

Let us guide you through Leak Detection Alarms or Smart Sump Pumps.