Leak Alarm / Water Shutoff

These leak detection alarms come in two categories:

Whole-house systems automatically shut off the water at the beginning of the domestic supply line in the dwelling if a leak is detected anywhere in the building the system is monitoring.  Examples of these systems are: FloLogic, Leak Defense System, WaterCop Classic, and WaterCop Pro

Point-of-use systems are used to prevent water damage from an individual water source or appliance and will either cut off the water or power supply to the leaking appliance.  Examples of these systems are: FloodStop, Leak Defender, and WaterCop Leak Stop.

Whole House

Whole-house systems use two styles of technology:

Sensor based systems rely on water sensors located primarily in high-risk locations around the building such as bathrooms, kitchens, icemakers, hot water heaters and washing machines among others. When these sensors detect water they send a signal back to an automatic water shutoff valve installed on the incoming supply to prevent a catastrophic loss.
WaterCop and WaterCop Pro are sensored based. 

Flow based systems rely on a flow-sensor and automatic water shutoff valve. This sensor and valve communicate directly with a control panel through which the user can program custom settings for flow volume and time. Any continuous flow that exceeds this combination of volume and time will trigger an alarm and turn off the water to prevent catastrophic damage.
FloLogic and Leak Defense System are timer based. 

​All of the whole-house water shut-off systems we support have been pre-approved by major insurance carriers as qualifying for policy discounts when properly installed.

Some insurance carriers offer policy discounts for qualified installations and these policy credits can go as high as 12% off annually but they vary by carrier, location and other policy factors so ask your broker what your savings would be.


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Leak Defense System

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WaterCop Pro

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Point of Use

Leak Defender 115 VAC for 2 HP Well Pumps Or Less

Leak Defender 220 VAC for 3 & 5 HP Well Pumps

FloodStop 1/4″ Ball Valve for Ice Maker or Water Filter

FloodStop 3/4″
for Washing Machines

Leak Defender for Well Pumps

WaterCop Leak Stop