Drain Line Leaks


Until now, there has been no early warning or water damage prevention system for shower pan or toilet drain line leaks that result in water leaking around the outside of the drain line and into the space between the floor where the drain is, and the ceiling of the room below.

Water leaks from drain lines, toilet wax rings and shower pans on the upper floors of single family homes and high-rises can be disastrous and cause thousands of dollars in damage to millions of properties each year.The frequency and cost of these leaks in high-rises can be even more catastrophic where damage spreads to multiple units below.

The DrainBrain drain line leak alarm device now offers you that much-needed early warning and mitigation or prevention of catastrophic water damage. It offers water leak detection and collection and will alarm from less than a tablespoon of water to notify you in the early stages of a toilet wax ring failure or shower pan leak.

How it works

The catch-basin of the DrainBrain is secured to the underneath side of the floor, just beneath the drain line connection of toilets and shower drains that have a room, basement or crawlspace below them.When water leaks around the outside of the protected drain, it falls into the DrainBrain’s catch-basin and flows down through a small drain line installed on the catch-basin, that channels the water to the DrainBrain’s alarm module in a discrete location in a room or basement below..

The DrainBrain is available in two models: DBHR and DBSFH.

The two different size models come in larger and smaller dimensions to offer compatibility with larger high-rise construction or standard single-family home construction. Installation is ideal during construction but also very easily retrofitted afterward by opening the ceiling below the drain connection point. If a leak has already caused damage to the ceiling below, this is also an ideal time to install before repairs to the ceiling below are completed.

The cost of prevention is substantially less than the cost of remediation!!


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