Concierge Consulting Programs™

Our Concierge Consulting™ Program was the first of its kind to address the growing need for insurance carrier and policyholder understanding of the most common and most costly sources of water damage, and to offer education and prevention solutions. To this day, our program is still the most comprehensive and unrivaled, and we have also added more basic programs for those who’s needs are less demanding.

By analyzing claims data and educating clients and installers about installations for water security all over the country, we have encountered trends that have improved our ability to play matchmaker for consumers and water security products, as well as helping carriers with loss prevention and risk management strategies.

When people’s lifestyle and plumbing configuration are well matched with their water security system, they are more likely to continue to use it and find it easier to integrate it into their daily lives. This sense of comfort with the form and function of our clients’ water security systems, along with satisfaction in it’s performance and compatibility, makes all the difference in our client’s ongoing protection.

Insurance carriers and their policyholders who subscribe to our program enjoy exclusive benefits including:

Education and Objective guidance on various water risk mitigation products
Custom solutions for installation and integration
Substantial product discounts
Installation budgeting and cost adjusting
Program and claims data analysis
Technical support
Installation quality control and certification based on underwriting requirements
Technical consulting for carriers to help determine which systems they should promote
Access to a National Independent Installer P.L.A.N. (Professionally Licensed Associates Network)
Direct communication channels with underwriting to ensure installation and protection and time-frame requirements are met.

Absolutely NO ONE knows as much as we do about this industry so if you are interested in exploring how our consulting programs can reduce claims, increase client retention and keep your organizatoin informed about the market movers and pitfalls, please use our Contact Us form to see how we can help.