Prevent flooding from failed washing machines and hoses with this washing machine valve shutoff. This FloodStop unit can even hook up to an auto dialer or your home security system to alert you that it has detected a leak and activated!

Washing machines are one of the top causes of water damage to residential properties, especially those on upper floors. Washing machines can fail in many ways including flooding from overfills as a result of failed switches, pumps, clamps, valves or blocked drains. You are also at risk from the water supply hoses that often crack or burst, as well as the connection fittings that can leak. If you are at work or on vacation, the extensive unabated flooding can be catastrophic, going on undetected for hours or days, causing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

This newly upgraded model Floodstop Washing Machine Valve Shutoff System (FS3/4H-90 v4) offers a Lead free valve to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Using a local hardwired water sensor, the valve automatically shuts off the water supply to the Washing Machine and sounds an alarm if water is detected on the floor below. Only the offending appliance is affected by the water shutoff feature, so all other household appliances and water outlets will remain operational. The controller is powered by an AC adapter with transformer and batteries, but it will beep to alert you that the batteries are getting low or are missing. It has a single (NO) normally open output contact for connection to an auto dialer, smart home / home automation system or your existing intrusion alarm system for monitoring. Can be used alone or for added protection for faster localized response with whole-house water shut off systems.

How the (FS 3/4-H90) FloodStop works:

The two FloodStop valves are screwed onto the cold and hot water hose bibs and the hardwired water leak sensor is placed on the floor below the system just behind or next to the washing machine. When water is detected on the floor by the moisture sensor, the FloodStop valves both close simultaneously and the controller sounds an alarm. The valves remain in the closed position until you reset the system.

FloodStop (FS 3/4-H90) Dimensions:

Valve: (L) 3 ½”, (H w/ elbow) 2″, top of Motor to bottom of outlet end of valve elbow 4 ¼”
Controller: (L) 4 ¾” x (W) 1″ x (H) 4 ¾”
Leak Sensor: (L) 7 ½” x (W) 1 ½” (H) 1/16″

Control Panel has easy to read, lighted function buttons
AC Power with 4 AA battery backup – For continued operation in the event of power outages
Solid brass, full port motorized ball valves for dependable, long lasting performance
Valves automatically shut-off the water supply when a leak is detected
Automatic monthly maintenance cycling of the valves to ensure reliable operation
Valves can be opened and closed with the touch of a button
Activates an audible alarm when a leak is detected
Mute button to silence the audible alarm
Can be reset and reused continuously with the touch of a button
Can be tested at any time with the touch of a button
Can accommodate additional water leak sensors daisy chained to each other
1 Year Limited Warranty
Kit Includes:

(2) FloodStop Motorized Lead Free Brass Valves (3/4″ FHT x 3/4″ MHT)
Control Panel
AC Power Adaptor w/ cord for Control Panel
Interconnect Wiring Harness for Control Panel to Valves
Leak Sensor w/ Paper Sleeve
Hook & Loop Mounting Pad
Mounting Screws with Anchors
Wiring Lead for Connection to External Alarms or Devices at 24VDC / 2 Amps
Additional options and repair / replacement parts