Insurance Carriers

Being in the industry you are likely already aware that water perils are the single biggest cause of homeowner’s insurance claims weather it is flooding from frozen and burst pipes, sump pump failure, faulty appliances, sewage backflow, HVAC condensation or pinhole leaks. What you may not be aware of is that there are prevention measures available that can and do stop or mitigate all of these from causing damage to your policyholders’ homes.

Many of your policyholders have either already had a water damage or are going to. Statistics show that once a home has had a water damage, it is more likely to have another so while it is best to educate your clients on how to protect themselves before they have one, it is not without merit to do so immediately following a water related claim as well.

If your policyholder is being asked or even required to install a system following a claim, it is important that they achieve certain things to reduce future risk:

  1. They must know what they need to meet your requirements
  2. They must know enough about the different systems to know how to apply and use those systems to satisfy your requirements
  3. You have to be sure that they have met your requirements
  4. Their system must continue to function properly

These are easier said than done! Giving clients or their plumbers your strict definition of what you require still leaves open the possibility for misinterpretation or under achievement. Most of the plumbing industry is still unaware of or just getting to know how this technology works so there are not many installers who can solve this for the client. Those that are familiar may only work with one system and if the client refuses that system or it is incompatible with the plumbing, it either won’t get installed or it won’t work properly if it does.

How do you KNOW when your requirements are met? Unless you know what risks that particular property needs protected and have some form of clearly defined proof that they are, you don’t. Finally if the client has issues or needs troubleshooting, they need someone they can call for help getting their system running again. Without easy access to knowledgeable support, they will likely just discontinue use of the system, which negates the point of installing one.

We can accomplish all of these things and we make them our priorities because it is this multi-pronged approach that holds the key to realizing the benefits of water security system installations.

If your organization or clients need help navigating the water security market, contact us today to inquire about our Concierge Consulting™ for water security.