Brokers & Risk Managers

If you have not had water damage yourself, I bet you have clients who have so you know how bad water damage can be. Between the financial losses associated with these claims and the trouble and inconvenience you and your clients experience during remediation and long after, anyone who has been through one never wants to go through one again. If they have not yet had a claim, this is even more reason why it would benefit you and your clients to offer them a value added water loss control resource now..

Whether your clients are looking for water security solutions because they are conscientious, interested in policy discounts or because they are being asked by the carrier to install something, we can help you help them. People have different budgets, maintenance and technology preferences as well as different plumbing configurations so no one system is ideal for everyone. There are many systems available and we can clear the confusion for you and your clients so they feel more comfortable making the commitment to safeguard their home from loss. More importantly, with system and user compatibility, your clients will more comfortably integrate water security into their daily lives, which means they will continue to use and appreciate it long after installation. This continued protection is what really counts in water damage prevention!

We are the only company in the country to offer the boutique service of consulting knowledgably on all aspects of multiple water security systems and since we work so closely with the insurance industry, we know what level of protection is required to qualify for coverage and policy credits if available. This is important since it is our mission to reduce water damage and to do this, you have to do it right. Entrusting the complex assessment and installation process to someone who does not do this frequently or is only pushing one system could lead to clients being frustrated, overcharged and under protected.

If you want to reduce water claims and offer a value-added benefit to your discerning clients, let them know about us. We can help them reduce thier risk of water damage while making their and your life easier.